Ohio State recruiting recap: week of 10/14/12


Get up to speed on the latest Ohio State recruiting news in football and basketball.

As Ohio State prepares to host the Purdue Boilermakers this Saturday, head coach Urban Meyer and director of player personnel Mark Pantoni are setting up a schedule for incoming recruits. While the Nebraska game brought in over 30 recruits from all different sports, the Purdue game brings in a significantly smaller number. This doesn't change the impact in what landing these athletes could mean for the Buckeyes.

The recruits headed to the game can change at any point in time, but here's the list of recruits that should be attending the game on Saturday:


- CB Cameron Burrows (Committed)

- ATH Cornelius Elder


- LB Davonte James

- WR Thaddeus Snodgrass

- DB Darius West

- LB Will White

Yesterday, it was reported that offensive guard David Dawson had listed Ohio State in his top four, which was admittedly pretty big news. Dawson is a 4-star recruit and could instantly improve the depth at offensive line. Mark Pantoni and his staff continue to do their best to grab a commitment from former Penn State commit Dorian Johnson, but if that falls through they have to be ready. You'd better believe that Dawson will be on their radar throughout the recruiting process.

Here's some video of '13 LB recruit Mike Mitchell who still has Ohio State at the top of his list:

Every week in the high school season has been covered here at LGHL from the Ohio State class of 2013 and while reading about how well a player has done throughout the season is pretty exciting, what's better than having the chance to actually see them in action? Here's defensive tackle Michael Hill:

Let's be honest, if you want to come to Ohio State as a kicker/punter, you'd better be able to tackle. Both Drew Basil and Ben Buchanan have made significant tackles so far this season, showing why kickers need to be respected. If you were worried Johnny Townsend doesn't fit the tackling mold, this might help change your mind:

This season has been a special one for 2014 ATH Jalen Hurd. The 6'3", 210-pound junior has 1,951 yards rushing for Beech (8-0, 5-0), which is ranked No. 1 in the Class 5A poll. The current state record of 3,068 yards was set last season by Powell's Dy'Shawn Mobley. Beech, led by Hurd, has already clinched a playoff spot and is set to end their season next week.

According to the Tennessean, Hurd might not be able to break the state record because of a right shoulder injury:

Postseason games count toward state records. If Hurd returned next week, he would have to average 186.3 yards over six games if Beech made it all the way to the Class 5A championship game to set the record.

At his current average of 243.88 yards per game, Hurd would need five games to break the record.

There's no doubt how much Beech needs Jalen's ability. Hurd did become Beech's all-time single-season leading rusher against Wilson Central despite a season-low 77 yards on 21 carries. We'll see how this plays out in the coming weeks, but the more we watch and learn about this kid, the more he seems like a tremendous fit for the type of offense Ohio State runs.

This week in new offers

- 2013 JUCO WR Corey Smith

- 2013 LB Tim Kimbrough

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