Ohio State recruiting recap: week of 10/28/12

Jamie Sabau

Entering their 10th game, Ohio State has proved itself time and again that they might be the best team in the Big Ten.

The Buckeyes have done much of the same on the recruiting battlegrounds, as head coach Urban Meyer has turned up the intensity when going after athletes that may or may not be firmly committed to a school. If Coach Meyer wants a certain individual, he has proved he will stop at nothing (well, nothing within the bounds of NCAA bylaws and regulations, certainly) to acquire the player's services.

As the quest for top recruits continues, Ohio State is proceeding to put out a full force effort trying to make an impression on future players.

2013 offensive tackle Dorian Johnson has been a target on the radar for Ohio State since the hiring of Urban Meyer and they have not let up, despite a commitment to Penn State (which he later dropped) and the recent surge of Pitt's chances to land the behemoth.

2014 wide receiver Thaddeus Snodgrass has changed his mind again. After tweeting that he would be announcing his commitment on November 2nd, he then changed it to November 5th. Just recently, Snodgrass has changed it for a third time. Now he has confirmed that the announcement will take place next Thursday, the 8th.

2013 Shaker Heights (OH) lineman Donovan Munger, an impressive figure, 6'3", 280-pound two-way star is getting closer to narrowing down his choices. Munger's list of top teams was cut to 11 recently in no order: USC, Ohio State, Michigan State, Tennessee, UCLA, West Virginia, Louisville, Oklahoma, Notre Dame, Georgia and Pittsburgh.

Interestingly enough, the Trojans are the only team that has not offered, but Gibson is expecting a call from the staff Friday night as Munger has already talked with an assistant at USC. There's not much to say, other than that Ohio State would not like very much to miss out on this particular athlete.

Class of '13 Buckeye commit Tracy Sprinkle could be special on the defensive line for Ohio State, and here is the video evidence to back it up:

Jalin Marshall has had a pretty great year, but sometimes his stats or team record doesn't show it, simply because of the talent level around him and/or the coaching staff's offensive game plan. Either way, he's a hell of an athlete:

Finishing us off today, is none other than '13 Buckeye commit Evan Lisle. The offensive lineman doesn't get a whole lot of attention, fitting the stereotype that everyone likes to see the running backs, quarterbacks and receivers of the world. Lisle's job, though, is just as important:

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