Best of 2012: The top Ohio State GIFs, Part 4

Urban Meyer intensity, a running theme of 2012. - Andrew Weber-US PRESSWIRE

We conclude our four part look at the best Ohio State GIFs of 2012 with the best of what's left. Go Buckeyes.

What a year 2012 was. Ohio State went 12-0, completing just their sixth undefeated season in school history. The men's basketball team went all the way back to the FInal Four but were thwarted by Kansas (who they'd, well, be thwarted by again just 8 months later). The men's basketball team shared a Big Ten regular season basketball title though, and the football team won the Leaders Division despite being ineligible for the league's championship game nor the post season.

But it was also the year of the GIF. The animated format dating back to the late 80's exploded in popularity and despite the fact that we have smaller, higher quality video (yanno, complete with sound) available now, the retro novelty has it back in the limelight. Naturally, showcasing some of the more interesting Ohio State moments with it became an absolute must. We've already looked at the best defense, the best football offense, and the best basketball offensive moments captured by the format in 2012. We wrap the series (and 2k12) up by re-watching some of the best of the rest of animated Ohio State moments from 2012.

While we knew Kerry Coombs was intense after seeing him on ESPN's" All-Access: Ohio State Training Days", we had no idea how intense he got. He'd go on to give one of the speeches of the year to 2013 RB recruit Ezekiel Elliott, but before that, he first would show us what #JUICE was all about.


But that wasn't all. Just a few games later, the Buckeyes' defensive backs coach would be captured again in his natural element.


Haters be damned. This moment was just great. We're a society based on second chances, and for all Jim Tressel's wrongs, he certainly did an awful lot of rights too (and sorry cynics, they're not just limited to the football field). For Ohio State fans, It was great getting catharsis on what was a very rough 2011, too.


Urban Meyer can be an intense guy. Anyone who'd seen a Florida game in his tenure can attest to that. But until he's the guy on your sidelines, it's hard to appreciate how animated he can get when angry. Check him out during the thrilling 17-16 victory over Michigan State.


But it wouldn't be all Urban would get mad about. This referee felt Urbz' wrath during the Michigan game:


Finally, during pregame, Urban Meyer issues a statement to all future Ohio State opponents, both on the field and in the recruiting trenches.


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