Diving into TSUN's bowl record.

So now we research one of the teams that inspired this data dive. Now let’s begin and see if TSUN pounds the SEC, while having issues with the PAC 1X, or if it’s just USC that’s a nemesis of the B1G. Just a quick reminder of the rules for my sanity.
1) All teams are counted from their CURRENT conference
2) Redacted games are counted
3) Mythical national championship games are counted by host bowl, and not as a separate entity.

Overall bowl record: 20-21

Longest win streak: 4 (‘02, ’48, ‘51, ‘65; ‘98-’01)

Longest losing streak: 7 (‘70, ‘72, ‘76-Dec ‘79)

former BCS level bowls: 11-14

Record by individual bowl:

Rose: 8-12

Orange: 1-1

Gator: 1-2

Bluebonnet: 1-0

Sugar: 1-1

Holiday: 1-1

Fiesta: 1-0

Hall of Fame/Outback: 3-1

Alamo: 0-2

Citrus/Capital One: 3-1

Record by state:

California: 9-13

Florida: 8-5

Texas: 1-2

Louisiana: 1-1

Arizona: 1-0

Record by conference:

PAC 1X: 9-11

Big XII: 0-2

ACC: 2-1

SEC: 7-5

Independant: 0-1

B1G: 1-1

Mountain West: 1-0

There’s nothing too surprising here, although TSUN has a much better record than tOSU in the state of Florida, and there’s a suspiciously large number of losses both to the PAC 1X and in the state of California specifically.

Breakdown by coach:

Fielding H Yost:

1-0 Rose: Stanford PAC 1X

Fritz Crisler:

1-0 Rose: USC PAC 1X

Bennie Oosterbaan:

1-0 Rose: Cal PAC 1X

Bump Elliot:

1-0 Rose: Oregon State PAC 1X

Bo Schembechler: 5-12


Rose: 2-8

Orange: 0-1

Gator: 0-1

Bluebonnet: 1-0

Sugar: 0-1

Holiday: 0-1

Fiesta: 1-0

Hall of Fame/Outback: 1-0


PAC 1X: 3-8

Big XII: 0-1

ACC: 0-1

SEC: 1-1

Independant: 0-1

B1G: 1-0


USC: 1-4

Stanford: 0-1

Oklahoma: 0-1

Washington: 1-1

North Carolina: 0-1

UCLA: 1-1

Auburn: 0-1

BYU: 0-1

Nebraska: 1-0

Arizona State: 0-1

Alabama: 1-0

Gary Moeller: 4-1


Gator: 1-0

Rose: 1-1

Hall of Fame/Outback: 1-0

Holiday: 1-0


SEC: 1-0

PAC 1X: 1-1

ACC: 1-0

Mountain West: 1-0


Ole Miss: 1-0

Washington: 1-1

NC State: 1-0

Colorado St: 1-0

Lloyd Carr: 6-7


Alamo: 0-2

Outback: 1-1

Rose: 1-3

Citrus/Capital One: 3-1

Orange: 1-0


Big XII: 0-2

SEC: 5-2

PAC: 1-2

B1G: 0-1


Texas A&M: 0-1

Alabama: 1-1

Washington State: 1-0

Arkansas: 1-0

Auburn: 1-0

Texas: 0-1

Florida: 2-0

USC: 0-2

Tennessee: 0-1

Nebraska: 0-1

Rich Rodriguez:

0-1 Gator: Miss St SEC

Brady Hoke:

1-0 Sugar: Va Tech ACC

I have to admit, that I thought there would be more losses to USC here, but then again, it’s probably just the impression from those two games during the Carr era. Although it's amazing how much the original Michigan Man™ Bo drags down the record. Next up, Iowa.

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