Ohio State recruiting: Penn State visitor list

Raekwon McMillan will be among the top recruiting targets at the Ohio State-Penn State game.

See which high profile targets will be making the trip to Columbus to watch the Buckeyes take on Penn State.

We're heading into the biggest recruiting weekend of the year for Ohio State football recruiting (in addition to maybe Wisconsin weekend). Urban Meyer and his staff are hosting top players in the 2014 and 2015 recruiting classes.

The biggest name of this weekend's visitor list is 2014 Hinesville (GA) Liberty County linebacker Raekwon McMillan, who is considered by many people to be the top remaining recruiting target in Ohio State's 2014 recruiting class. However, there are likely no recruits on commit watch this weekend as most of the Buckeye's remaining targets are waiting until the end of their recruitment to announce their college decision.

Without further adieu, below is Land-Grant Holy Land's aggregated list of visits ranging from the informal to official visits. Caveat emptor: This list is extremely fluid and prone to turn on a dime. Information below should not necessarily be considered an official confirmation or report, though is verified to the best of our abilities. We'll update it as the weekend goes on.

Tony Brown (6-0/190) CB | Beaumont, TX (Ozen) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Raekwon McMillan (6-2/242) LB | Hinesville, GA (Liberty County) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Solomon Thomas (6-3/256) DE | Coppell, TX (Coppell) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Malik McDowell (6-7/290) DE | Detroit, MI (Southfield) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Josh Malone (6-3/190) WR | Gallatin, TN (Station Camp) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Trevion Thompson (6-3/188) WR | Durham, NC (Hillside) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Avery Gennesy (6-5/307) OT | Southaven, MS (Southaven) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
A.J. Stamps (6-0/185) S | Scooba, MS (East Mississippi C.C.) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium

Jamarco Jones (6-5/290) OT | Chicago, IL (De La Salle) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Jalyn Holmes (6-5/225) DE | Norfolk, VA (Lake Taylor) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Kyle Berger (6-3/215) LB | Cleveland, OH (St. Ignatius) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Terry McLaurin (6-0/190) WR | Indianapolis, IN (Cathedral) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Kyle Trout (6-6/300) OT | Lancaster, OH (Lancaster) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Lonnie Johnson (6-3/190) ATH | Gary,IN (West Side) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Dylan Thompson (6-5/270) DE | Lombard, IL (Montini Catholic) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Sean Nuernberger (6-2/220) K | Buckner, KY (Oldham County) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium

Shy Tuttle (6-2/315) DT | Lexington, NC (North Davidson) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Minkah Fitzpatrick (6-0/185) CB | Jersey City, NJ (St. Peter's Prep) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Andre Robinson (5-9/205) RB | Harrisburg, PA (Bishop McDevitt) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Jacques Patrick (6-2/220) RB | Orlando, FL (Timber Creek) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Jauan Jennings (6-4/185) QB/ATH | Murfreesboro, TN (Blackman) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Sam Madden (6-7/305) OT | Barnegat, NJ (Barnegat) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Larry 'LJ' Scott (6-0/205) RB | Hubbard, OH (Hubbard) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Jamel Dean (6-1/180) CB | Cocoa, FL (Cocoa) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Brandon Wimbush (6-2/210) QB | Jersey City, NJ (St. Peter's Prep) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Anthony McKee (6-2/190) LB | Columbus, OH (Walnut Ridge) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Lorenzo Nunez (6-3/185) QB | Kennesaw, GA (Harrison) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
C.J. Conrad (6-5/225) TE | Lagrange, OH (Keystone) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Bryce Love (5-9/180) RB/WR | Wake Forest, NC) (Rolesville) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Miles Boykin (6-5/208) WR | New Lennox, IL (Providence Catholic) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Rob Dowdy (6-6/280) OT | Westerville,OH (Westerville South) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Hunter Littlejohn (6-4/267) OG | Powell,OH (Olentangy Liberty) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Kelly Bryant (6-4/205) QB | Piedmont, SC (Abbeville) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Reggie Rogers (6-0/180) S | Akron, OH (Washington) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Nick Conner (6-3/220) LB | Dublin,OH (Scioto) Ohio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_mediumOhio-state-recruiting-star_medium
Colin McNamara (6-1/180) QB | Cleveland, OH (Fairview) Not Rated
David Moorman (6-5/275) OT | Pinckney, MI (Northville) Not Rated
Larry Wells
(6-8/310) OT | Kenton, OH (Kenton) Not Rated
Kraig Howe (6-3/253) DT | Dayton, OH (Archbishop Alter) Not Rated
Markus Bailey
(6-1/205) LB | Hilliard, OH (Hilliard Davidson) Not Rated
Liam McCullough (6-2/205) LS | Columbus, OH (Worthington Kilbourne) Not Rated
Phil Hoskins
(6-5/260) DL | Toledo, OH (Whitmer) Not Rated

Cameron Chambers (6-3/180) WR | Sicklerville, NJ (Timber Creek) Not Rated
Isaac Nauta (6-5/240) TE | Buford, GA (Buford) Not Rated
Ethan Tucky (6-3/215) LB | Delaware, OH (Rutherford B. Hayes) Not Rated

Richard LeCounte (6-1/170) ATH | Hinesville, GA (Liberty County) Not Rated

Charles Doss, Bret Favachio, and Luke Zimmermann contributed to this report.

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