Ohio State stand at 4th in Harris Poll Top 25 for Week 10

Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde flexes his muscles as his scores another touchdown against Penn State. - Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The top four teams (Alabama, Oregon, Florida State, and Ohio State) all took care of business in impressive fashions, and remain atop the college football world. The Buckeyes stay at 4th in the poll that makes up 1/3 of the BCS standings, which releases later tonight.

Ohio State was placed at 4th in the first week of the Harris Poll Top 25, and hasn't wavered over the past two weeks, as the Buckeyes continue to trail Alabama, Oregon, and Florida State. The Harris Poll Top 25 makes up 1/3 of the BCS standings, as does the USA TODAY Coaches Poll.

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The top five teams remain unchanged, while Missouri drops to 9th after falling to South Carolina in double overtime. Stanford moves to 6th, and Miami stays at 7th for this week, despite narrowly escaping Wake Forest at home. Clemson is at 8th, while Oklahoma rounds out the top 10.

Auburn finally jumped Texas A&M (there was a dispute last week, as many pundits argued that the Tigers should jump A&M after beating the Aggies) at 11th, just outside of the top ten. Joining Ohio State in representing the Big Ten is Michigan at 21st, Michigan State at 23rd, and Wisconsin at 24th. Nebraska was dropped out of the top 25 after losing to Minnesota, and Virginia Tech dropped out after Duke pulled off the upset.

Here is the Week 10 (third week overall) Harris Poll Top 25 as a whole:

Rank Team Record Points
1 Alabama (94) 8-0 2590
2 Oregon (10) 8-0 2492
3 Florida State 7-0 2386
4 Ohio State 8-0 2301
5 Baylor 7-0 2130
6 Stanford 8-0 2035
7 Miami (FL) 7-0 1977
8 Clemson 7-1 1767
9 Missouri 7-1 1510
10 Oklahoma 7-1 1475
11 Auburn 6-1 1453
12 LSU 7-2 1408
13 Texas A&M 6-2 1364
14 Texas Tech 7-1 1093
15 Oklahoma State 6-1 1081
16 Louisville 7-1 1056
17 South Carolina 6-2 1043
18 Fresno State 7-0 965
19 UCLA 5-2 683
20 Northern Illinois 8-0 650
21 Michigan 6-1 528
22 Central Florida 6-1 502
23 Michigan State 7-1 391
24 Wisconsin 5-2 350
25 Arizona State 5-2 135
Other teams receiving votes: Notre Dame 91; Virginia Tech 79; Oregon State 62; Georgia 50; Texas 40; Houston 38; BYU 19; Florida 13; Minnesota 9; Mississippi 9; Nebraska 8; Ball State 7; Duke 5; Arizona 3; Washington 2. Dropped out of Top 25: Virginia Tech, Nebraska
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