Ohio State jumped by Baylor in Week 13 AP Top 25 Poll

Survive and advance. - Bradley Leeb-USA TODAY Sports

The most cynical amongst us expected Ohio State to potentially get jumped by Baylor; they were right.

This past Saturday's misleading 60-35 win over Illinois certainly wasn't pretty, but was enough for Ohio State to remain 3rd in the USA TODAY Coaches Poll Top 25. The same can't be said for the AP Top 25 Poll.

After a thoroughly uninspired showing against a paltry Illinois side that was capped by two garbage time long touchdown runs by Carlos Hyde, the Buckeyes find themselves fourth looking up at the nation's three other unbeatens, Alabama, Florida State, and Baylor respectively. The margin of points in the voting for the Top 25 between the Buckeyes and Bears was just 8.

Though some expect Oklahoma State to potentially end Baylor's run (and help reposition Ohio State to be the beneficiaries of a potential Alabama or Florida State loss), the Bears open as 10-point favorites for this coming Saturday's game. Baylor will also have to potentially get past Texas in order to keep their unbeaten hopes alive.

For the Buckeyes, the temporary disappointment of dropping a spot aside, they simply need to keep winning. Doing so in impressive fashion would help their cause, but given that they still need some help in front of them, it's not the most important thing in the world. A win over Michigan State in the Big Ten Championship Game would also help, but again, the Buckeyes will also need some help for the factors beyond their control.

Here is the Week 13 AP Top 25 in its entirety:

Rank Team Record Votes Previous
1 Alabama (55) 10-0 1,495 1
2 Florida State (5) 10-0 1,445 2
3 Baylor 9-0 1,351 4
4 Ohio State 10-0 1,343 3
5 Oregon 9-1 1,210 6
6 Auburn 10-1 1,205 7
7 Clemson 9-1 1,115 8
8 Missouri 9-1 1,067 9
9 Texas A&M 8-2 956 10
10 Stanford 8-2 899 5
11 Oklahoma State 9-1 889 12
12 South Carolina 8-2 870 11
13 Michigan State 9-1 749 14
14 UCLA 8-2 710 13
15 Fresno State 9-0 572 16
16 Wisconsin 8-2 559 17
17 UCF 8-1 535 15
18 LSU 7-3 439 18
19 Arizona State 8-2 430 21
20 Northern Illinois 10-0 426 20
21 Louisville 9-1 412 19
22 Oklahoma 8-2 318 22
23 USC 8-3 187 NR
24 Mississippi 7-3 119 NR
25 Duke 8-2 94 NR
Others Receiving Votes: Minnesota 77, Notre Dame 11, Texas 10, Georgia 5, Nebraska 1, Cincinnati 1

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