Ohio State now #2 in the USA TODAY Coaches Poll Top 25

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Just like in the AP Top 25, the Buckeyes are now well positioned to potentially play for a national title should they handle their business next weekend in Indianapolis.

Thank Tyvis Powell (and the psychic insight of Kerry Coombs). Thank SEC officials for adding one second to the clock last night. And now, thank our collective lucky stars that after an up and down roller coaster season, Ohio State might be just one win away from playing for a national title for the fourth time in the last eleven years.

While the AP Poll now no longer matters from a BCS vantage (they still award a more historical national title which the NCAA and schools alike claim on equal standings), the poll that (for better or worse) does, the Coaches Poll, has smiled upon the Buckeyes' now 24 consecutive victories.

After defeating Michigan 42-41 following a failed two point conversion attempt and benefitting from Alabama slipping up for the first time all season, Ohio State now finds themselves second in the USA TODAY Coaches Poll Top 25, made up of votes from coaches (nay, sports information directors) nationally. The margin is very narrow however, as the Buckeyes lead by just 25 points in the poll. The Buckeyes did get 4 first place votes to Auburn's 0. As is common knowledge these days, the Coaches Poll comprises 1/3 of the BCS rankings.

Some have projected Auburn to have a higher ranking than the Buckeyes in the computer polls (which we'll find out tonight), but assuming the Harris Poll shakes out as expected, Urban Meyer's Buckeyes are well positioned to find themselves in the second slot in the overall rankings as well.

Rank Team Record Votes Previous
1 Florida State (58) 12-0 1,546 2
2 Ohio State (4) 12-0 1,462 3
3 Auburn 11-1 1,437 5
4 Alabama 11-1 1,333 1
5 Missouri 11-1 1,315 6
6 Oklahoma State 10-1 1,248 7
7 South Carolina 10-2 1,100 9
7 Baylor 10-1 1,100 8
9 Michigan State 11-1 1,037 11
10 Stanford 10-2 1,034 10
11 Clemson 10-2 853 4
12 Oregon 10-2 843 12
13 Arizona State 10-2 765 18
14 LSU 9-3 720 15
15 Oklahoma 9-2 660 17
16 Louisville 10-1 625 16
17 UCF 10-1 572 19
18 Northern Illinois 12-0 547 20
19 UCLA 9-3 473 22
20 Duke 10-2 402 24
21 Wisconsin 9-3 266 14
22 Fresno State 10-1 215 13
23 Cincinnati 9-2 167 25
24 Texas 8-3 149 NR
25 Texas A&M 8-4 121 21
Others Receiving Votes: Miami (FL) 47, Georgia 41, Vanderbilt 18, Iowa 13, Marshall 13, USC 10, Washington 6, Virginia Tech 4, Minnesota 4, Notre Dame 3, Ball State 1
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