Three freshman Ohio State football players tied to police investigation

Per a since pulled from online ABC 6 report, three Ohio State football players are connected to a rape investigation.

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ABC6 TV news stands by Ohio State allegations

During ABC6's 11 p.m. EDT news broadcast Tuesday evening, the station reported on the previous information regarding three Ohio State football players being connected to rape allegations. The report, which went live on ABC6's website six hours prior, was pulled from their site around three hours after it first went up. It presently produces a 404 not found error when visited.

The station's report during their nightly news segment, which aired at 11:08 p.m EDT., led with "three freshmen Ohio State football players are named in court documents surrounding an alleged rape." It went on to rehash the specifics of the since deleted article, while also adding the previously not disclosed information that the alleged victim reportedly spent the evening in the third player's room after the alleged incident.

After rehashing the information from the original article, ABC6's anchor added that they "are not naming the players because they've not been charged." In the since redacted online article, an embedded video from ABC6 failed to omit information from a closeup of a search warrant regarding the smart phone of one of the Ohio State football players involved. In addition to exposing that football player's identity in the process, the document also failed to censor another individual's name. That individual, as opposed to information in the previous ABC6 website report that stated the alleged victim was an Ohio State student, is not currently enrolled at the university.


ABC6 pulls OSU allegation report from site

Not more than four hours after posting a report saying three Ohio State freshmen (including reportedly one that was released from the football program last week) were tied to an Ohio State police investigation of an alleged rape, WSYX ABC6 has pulled the report from their website.

There's no word on whether or not the missing article (which now produces a 404 error page on load) represented a retraction of any sort, or rather a CYA tactic related to the video on the article, which inadvertently outed one of the three players involved in the situation in addition to heavily alluding as to whom one of the others were.

A female's name was also not censored by standards that would ordinarily be considered acceptable by a media outlet like ABC6's, but it's unlikely to be the victim's as Land-Grant Holy Land's confirmed the name inadvertently revealed is not presently a student at Ohio State. Either way, not exactly a shining moment for Columbus' ABC affiliate's newsroom.

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