Ohio State great Joey Galloway talks 2013 Bucks and more with LGHL

Buckeye great now at ESPN - USA TODAY Sports

We had a chance to sit down with the great Joey Galloway and chat about working with ESPN, the 2013 Buckeye team, and more.

The Buckeyes have fielded some pretty great athletes over the years including Ohio's own Joey Galloway.  Galloway, who is from Bellaire, Ohio, was a three sport athlete in high school before choosing to continue his football career at Ohio State.  Over the four years Galloway spent in Columbus he racked up more than 2,000 total yards and 23 total touchdowns.  Galloway's best year as a Buckeye came during his junior season in 1993 when he hauled 946 yards receiving and 11 touchdowns, while rushing for 58 yards and 2 more scores.  Galloway helped lead the Buckeyes to a 10-1-1 record, a Big Ten Championship and a Holiday Bowl victory.

After Galloway's senior season at Ohio State the Seattle Seahawks took the wide receiver with the 8th overall pick in the 1995 draft.  Galloway went on to spend 15 years in the NFL spending time with six teams over his career.  Joey's best year as a pro came in the 2005 season when he hauled in a career best 83 passes for over 1,200 yards and ten touchdowns. He went on to finish his NFL career with 701 receptions, 10,950 yards and 77 touchdowns.

Since his retirement from Pro Football, Galloway joined the ESPN team as a college football analyst.  Galloway is now entering his second season in the booth with Beth Mowins in the afternoon slot on ESPN2.  Joey will be in Columbus week one when the Buckeyes open up the 2013 season against the Bulls of Buffalo.

I was lucky enough to sit down and talk with the former Buckeye great and talk to him about the 2013 Buckeyes:

Coming into the 2013 season Buckeye fans have high hopes, how do you see the season playing out? Will they be able to follow Urban Meyer's trend of taking the next step in year two, or will the expectations lead to an unraveling?

When I look at the schedule, it is fairly weak.  I believe the team will live up to expectations and should go undefeated.  They have so much talent and have a great coach who will have them ready to play week in and week out.

As a former Buckeye player, what is it like to come back to Columbus with ESPN and be in the booth to announce a game?

The first time I did one of the Buckeye games it was really hard, I kept thinking I was a fan and saying "WE" and you just can't do that.  But I was able to do three Buckeye games last year and by the third game I got a lot better and not looking at it as a fan.

Which Buckeye will step out of the shadows and be a key contributor this fall?

That is a tough question.  But I probably would have to look at the linebackers and pick out Curtis Grant.  He came into Ohio State with a lot of hype and he really hasn't lived up to that.  The Buckeyes defense needs another playmaker with Shazier, he just can't be the only one.

You played for Bill Belichick in 2009, based on you dealing with Urban Meyer, who is a friend of Belichick's, how do the two compare?

They are very similar.  That is one of the first things I ever said when the Buckeye hired Urban.  They are both very serious and dedicated to their teams.  When you get a chance to talk with them, you are always learning something new about the game of football.

The Buckeyes want to be able to stretch the field this year, which wide receiver can do that? And what are your thought on the group as a whole?

The group as a whole made big strides in the spring.  When talking to coaches the receivers are a night and day difference from last year.  Devin Smith and Philly Brown are the guys who will be able to help stretch the field for the Buckeyes, but when you have a guy like Braxton who can extend plays it make it a little easier for everyone.

What is your take on the Big Ten adding Maryland and Rutgers, is it a good move?

I understand it as a business move getting into those type of media markets.  But for Rutgers and Maryland for football it is going to be interesting to see how they can make the move.  I'm not really sure it helps Urban when it comes to recruiting like some say.  He can get four and five stars anywhere.

The Buckeyes could possibly play That Team Up North in back-to-back weeks, do you you think that will take anything away from the rivalry?

Being able to play That Team Up North two weeks in a row will be great.  I don't think it will hurt the rivalry at all I actually think it will make it even better.  To say you beat them twice in one year will be pretty special.

What does Braxton Miller need to improve on, to be able to take the next step as a quarterback for Ohio State?

Leadership is the big thing, he needs to be able to take control.  The Buckeyes will only go as far as he can take them.  Also I think he need to work on his ability to stay in the pocket.  When you have his type of skill it is always easy to just move out of the pocket and make plays.

Who are the two teams you have playing for the BCS Title?

Alabama should be there.  They are very athletic and they are Alabama.  The other team I see being there is Ohio State.  The Buckeyes will have to go out and win like they are supposed to.  It can't be like last year when they squeaked by a couple of team.  When it comes to the Big Ten title game, the Buckeyes will need to continue dominating, to get the nod.

We'd like to again thank Joey Galloway for taking the time and talking about the 2013 Buckeyes.

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