Ohio State drop to 3rd in USA TODAY Coaches Poll Top 25

Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

As is usually the case, the coaches poll overall remained cautious in making any dramatic movements after the second full week of college football. Still, the Buckeyes fell to third after two straight weeks in the second slot, despite a 42-7 win.

For the third time in 2013, Ohio State looked poised to remain static at number two in the USA TODAY Coaches Poll Top 25. Instead, despite the Buckeyes appearing much improved against San Diego State, they fall to #3 in the poll this week after a more impressive road victory by Oregon at BCS side Virginia.

Though we're still five weeks away from the inaugural BCS standings, as the Coaches Poll is one third of the formula, continuing to stay in a relative position of strength could prove beneficial for the Bucks, particularly given their likely paltry reception by the computers due to their relatively low schedule strength. The Buckeyes will likely need a heavily stylized win a la the Ducks' UVA road trip next week at Berkeley against Cal should they aspire to move back into the second overall spot.

Also representing the Big Ten in the Coaches Poll this week are #12 Michigan, who while they moved up five spots, failed to gain the ground they did in the AP Top 25. Nebraska jumped four slots to 15th, while Northwestern moved up four as well, from 20th to 16th. Wisconsin climbed three spots to #18 after another impressive early season win. Michigan State was just on the outside looking in as the top team receiving votes not to make the Top 25.

Here was the Week 3 Coaches Poll Top 25 in its entirety:

1 Alabama (58) 1-0 1545 1
2 Oregon (1) 2-0 1447 3
3 Ohio St. (2) 2-0 1429 2
4 Stanford 1-0 1327 4
5 Clemson 2-0 1307 5
6 Texas A&M (1) 2-0 1242 7
7 Louisville 2-0 1121 8
8 LSU 2-0 1067 11
9 Florida St. 1-0 1040 10
10 Georgia 1-1 1021 12
11 Oklahoma St. 2-0 866 14
12 Michigan 2-0 860 17
13 Oklahoma 2-0 800 15
14 South Carolina 1-1 788 6
15 Nebraska 2-0 478 19
16 Northwestern 2-0 473 20
17 UCLA 1-0 471 18
18 Wisconsin 2-0 455 21
18 Miami 2-0 455 24
20 Florida 1-1 410 9
21 Notre Dame 1-1 348 13
22 Baylor 2-0 297 NR
23 Washington 1-0 253 23
24 TCU 1-1 195 24
25 Mississippi 2-0 91 NR
Schools Dropped Out
No. 16 Texas (1-1), No. 22 Southern California (1-1).
Others Receiving Votes
Michigan State 74; Fresno State 59; Arizona State 48; Texas 38; Northern Illinois 27; Arizona 21; Brigham Young 18; Arkansas 16; Georgia Tech 12; Virginia Tech 8; Texas Tech 7; Central Florida 6; East Carolina 6; Southern California 5; Bowling Green 3; Illinois 3; Kansas State 3; Boise State 2; Tennessee 2; Utah 2; Utah State 2; Boston College 1; Rutgers 1.
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