Ohio State-Clemson score update: Buckeyes come back, 22-20

Chris Trotman

A red zone interception, injuries to Joey Bosa and Evan Spencer, two missed PATs, and more Clemson offensive fireworks paced the action in the second quarter, but a furious Buckeye comeback gives them a 22-20 halftime lead.

Ohio State struggled after securing a rare punt from Clemson, going three and out after another Braxton Miller sack, the third of the night. Clemson signaled a fair catch at their 40. The Tigers were hit with a holding penalty (on a fair catch), sending them back to the 30.

It didn't take long for the Tigers to make up the ground. Clemson quickly found Jordan Leggett streaking down the sideline for a 43 yard bomb, setting up what looked like a surefire touchdown. Instead, as Boyd tried to loft a pass from a few yards out, Vonn Bell elevated and snagged a one handed interception to stop the drive.

Ohio State was unable to capitalize again, as two runs were stuffed and the Buckeyes couldn't convert on a 2nd and 3, forcing their 3rd "3 and out" in row. The punt took an Ohio State bounce, and the Tigers set up shop at their own 23.

Again, Clemson quickly found a way to get Sammy Watkins into space, as he juked his way to another 23 yard catch. The biggest problem for Buckeye fans was the fact that Joey Bosa had to be taken off the field with 7:27 left with what looked like a leg injury. The Tigers hit Martavis Bryant for 22 more, setting up another red zone opportunity. This time, the Tigers converted, finding Bryant again on a fade. The Tigers missed the PAT though, so the margin remained 20-9.

It looked as though Ohio State's offense would stall out again, putting the game out of reach, but Braxton Miller's passing game bounced back in a huge way. On 3rd and 12, Miller hit Philly Brown for an 18 yard gain. On a play action, Miller found a wide open Jeff Heuerman for a 57 touchdown bomb. Ohio State's PAT was blocked, setting up the weird score of 20-15.

Two plays into the drive, Bosa found himself injured again, with his mobility obviously limited. The Tigers drove near midfield, and Ohio State forced a 4th and 5 near midfield with 1:16 left in the half, with the Buckeyes stopped McDowell just short of the 1st down.

Ohio State drove near midfield thanks catches from Philly Brown and Nick Vannett, then spinning out of what looked like a surefire sack. Miller then Philly Brown again for a wide open strike to set up a 1st and goal with 17 seconds left. Miller scooted into the end zone on a 3 yard run to somehow take the lead, 22-20.

The Tigers made things interesting, taking the kickoff to the 50 with 3 seconds left, but were unable to produce any points.


Clemson    Ohio State

Yards  362                        254

Passing 16-20 227 yards, 2 TDs, 1 INT                  9-13 169 yards, 1 TD

Rushing   18-135 1TD                                                  25-85 2 TD

First Downs   13                              14

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