The latest on Jamarco Jones' Michigan State trip, Ohio State in-home

Jones had a good in-home with Ohio State today

The latest on Jamarco Jones' in-home with Ohio State.

Just a day after the Michigan State coaching staff made an in home visit with Chicago De La Salle Institute offensive tackle and current Ohio State commit Jamarco Jones, Ohio State offensive line coach Ed Warinner and defensive line coach Larry Johnson Sr. held an in-home visit with the standout tackle.

While Jamarco hasn't been speaking to reporters since the news of his renewed interest in the Spartans broke, we were able to learn a little about the visit from Chicago De La Salle head coach Mike Boehm.

"I think it was a good visit, he has really good relationships with those guys," Boehm said. "There was a good, positive vibe all around."

Warinner and Johnson made the trek to Chicago in hopes of talking Jones out of taking his planned official visit to East Lansing this weekend. However, as confirmed by his ending his radio silence with the media by speaking with ESPN's Tom VanHaaren, the visit is still set to take place.

"I know he's going to visit there this weekend. I think it's his way of reassuring himself that Ohio State is the best place for him," he stated. "He's definitely taking a visit there as of when he left school today, but that could always change tomorrow. As of right now, he's going (to East Lansing)."

There have been rumors that Jones has been in contact with the Spartans staff for quite some time, but Boehm said he just heard about it a week or so ago.

"As far as I know, it's only been for about a week or so," he said. "I found out he was going to do it (take the visit) via text message last week, but that's the first I'd heard of it."

It's not quite clear when we could see a college announcement from Jones if he takes the visit to Michigan State this weekend, though Wednesday could be a possibility.

"I don't know what will happen. We'll definitely have a signing ceremony after school Wednesday. We have three or four kids signing," he continued. "We'll make it public knowledge, there will be media there, and really anyone who wants to come can drop in."

Boehm was Jamarco's position coach during his time at Da La Salle and was recently promoted to head coach, so he knows Jamarco pretty well.

"Personally I was his position coach for his time here and was just named the head coach a month or so ago. He's a great kid, his mom is super, and he's a great student. I'm going to miss him," Boehm told Land-Grant Holy Land. "Like I told Jamarco, as long as he's upfront and honest with Ohio State and Michigan State, then I'll support him with whatever decision he makes."

He was also able to give us a little insight into Jones' relationship with former Ohio State defensive line coach Mike Vrabel, who was Jamarco's primary recruiter until he left for an NFL job a few weeks ago.

"Not sure (how much of an impact that's had). I know coach Vrabel was the guy that showed him around on his visits and he and Jamarco were close," he said. "I know he wasn't going to be his position coach, but when your main recruiter leaves, that's always tough."

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