Torrance Gibson

We should already by now know the name "Torrance Gibson" the most talked about kid amongst Ohio State fans. I know by now there is millions of stories on Gibson but I wanted to share my thoughts on the kid. Gibson is highly rated amongst many major recruiting sites. ESPN list him as a 4 star/11th player in the nation, 247sports list him as a 5 star/9th player in the nation and the number 1 Dual-Threat quarterback of his class, Rivals list him as a 4 star/49th player in the nation, Scout list him as a 5 star/3rd ranked on his position. So lets just say he is a 4.5 star recruit if you can call it that. Torrance has many schools after him and is still adding on to his list. With programs such as yours truly "The Ohio State University", Miami, Alabama, Florida, LSU, Auburn, lets just say he has every major program in the nation after him. With a crystal ball prediction under his name on 247sports of 67 percent on Ohio State, 24 percent on Miami, 10 percent on LSU gives us Buckeye fans a brave feeling on landing this kid come national signing day. I think he would end up as a Buckeye at the end of it all if u ask me. Some college coaches believe Gibson is more athletic than Braxton Miller and Terrelle Pryor, now that's something right there. Torrance is said to be Ohio State top priority at quarterback this recruiting class. The 6'4'' 200-pound Dual-Threat Quarterback from Plantation, Florida of American Heritage HS is a unique combination of size, speed (reportedly ran a 4.37 40-yard dash) and passing ability. He has tremendous upside and is more developed in the passing game than most dual-threat guys at his stage. I believe he has the ability, skills and knowledge to become an Elite quarterback in the near future at the collegian level and will have an impact right away for the school he decides to commit too.

I took the time to have a one on one with Torrance and this is what he said:

Q:Tells the world a little about yourself

A:I'm 6"4 200lbs I go to American Heritage in Plantation Florida. I love playing football & running track. I strive to be the best I can be

Q:How has your recruiting process effect your life at this point and as a person

A:This recruiting process really impact my life cause I've been working hard to get where I am at today & I won't stop working hard until I finally say "I made it"

Q:What are your plans for the near future of your HS career

A:To win states again & try to make everyone around me better & go to college

Q:How many offers do you hold at this point


Q:What schools sticks out the most for you and is showing the most interest

A:Ohio State, Tennessee, Florida Gators, LSU, UCF, for right now

Q:When are you planning on announcing your commitment

A:After my final High school game

Q:Coach Urban Meyer said you are his primary target at QB for the class of 2015. How does that make you feel about that

A:Feels great to be on Urban Meyer list that's a big honor

Q:Walking into a sold out "Horse Shoe" and over 105,000 people waiting for you to snap the ball under center. Can you imagine yourself in that spot for the Buckeyes

A:Yeah I can imagine that. That will be the best feeling ever & I will enjoy every second

Ohio state is a highly favorite school for Gibson, He will be a great pick up for Urban Meyer if he ends up as a buckeye at the end of it all.

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