Why is this news?: Thad Matta's salary revealed, a look at Mark Pantoni, and Ohio State NBA Draft news

Making $3+ miliion dollars/year will do that to you - Jared Wickerham

All the big Ohio State news in one convenient package.

Thad Matta ranked eighth in pay among coaches in the 2014 NCAA Tournament

USA TODAY report

We had an idea that Thad Matta was one of the best coaches in college basketball, and today word came out that he is being paid like one. USA TODAY released a list of the salaries (including bonuses) for the head coaches that led their teams to the 2014 NCAA Tournament, and Matta came in at eighth among the 68 coaches that helped their teams secure a bid to the big dance.

While there are ten coaches that don't have a salary listed in the report, it would be hard to imagine that any of them would top the $3.2+ million dollars that Matta earned. The base salary for Matta in the 2013-14 season was $3.182 million, with a $100,000 bonus awarded to him. That wasn't the most that Matta could've earned though, as presumably if Matta had led the Buckeyes to a NCAA title, his bonus for the year could've topped out at $410,000.

"I don't know how to quantify (his value). He's too invaluable. Whatever they're paying him he's worth that, times two."

Ohio State offensive coordinator Tom Herman to Ari Wasserman on what Mark Pantoni means to the Ohio State football program

While many of us remember the tweets from when Mark Pantoni was just trying to get to the airport while stuck in Atlanta during the winter storm in Atlanta earlier this year, but the 32-year old has been hot on the recruiting trail for years trying to help Urban Meyer land those prized recruits. Ari Wasserman of Cleveland.com gave us a better look today into the life of Pantoni and what drives him.

Tom Herman isn't the only one that has lavish praise for his co-worker, Urban Meyer said much the same about the guy that volunteered for a position on his staff while Pantoni was a pre-med at Florida. Pantoni may have helped Meyer to land countless recruits over the years, but here we get a tiny glimpse into how instrumental he was in helping the Buckeyes land five-star linebacker Raekwon McMillian earlier this year. There is just one thing Mark's wife Kristin might take issue with.

"Aaron Craft's jumper looks like Barkley's golf swing."

- Overhead by Scott Phillips at NBA Draft Combine

The NBA Draft Combine started yesterday in Chicago, and it hasn't been a great start for former Ohio State point guard Aaron Craft. As one of 15 point guards that accepted an invite to the combine, Craft was looking to improve his draft stock and show teams he was worthy of being selected in next month's NBA Draft.

While nobody is going to question Craft's basketball IQ, his shooting technique is leaving a lot to be desired. After hitting just 16 three-pointers in his senior season for the Buckeyes, it's not a shock that Craft struggled from deep when he was called on to showcase his range on Thursday. If Ohio State fans are hoping to see Craft get drafted next month, they might have to hope that there is a team out there that values rosy cheeks.

"Ohio State's LaQuinton Ross said he will work out for the Cavs on Monday."

- The Akron Beacon-Journal's Jason Lloyd

While the feedback about Aaron Craft might not be as good as hoped, the news on LaQuinton Ross seems to be on the up-and-up. The underclassman from Mississippi is at the NBA Draft Combine along with Craft, and he seems to be getting some positive critiques.

The junior was the best shooter on a team that struggled from the field in the 2013-14 season, but he has drawn an eye from Cleveland. Lloyd states that Ross is predicted to be a late first/early second round pick, which is a little better than most slotted him as when he declared for next month's NBA Draft. The Cavs have already had a busy week, firing head coach Mike Brown (again), while hiring David Griffin as general manager.


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