Ohio State players, recruits react to LeBron James coming back to Cleveland

LeBron at last year's Ohio State-Wisconsin game. - Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Check out how Ohio State players, coaches, fans, and more reacted to the news of the summer.

LeBron James' decision to return to Northeast Ohio is bigger than basketball. Whether you're a Cavs fan or not, you unquestionably remember where you were when LeBron made his infamous decision to leave Cleveland for Miami. And much like that, you'll remember where you were when you first heard that LeBron was coming home.

For some of us, the last time around, we were in an Ohio State off-campus house, we were on a bar at the South Campus Gateway, or maybe even, in a north campus dorm hearing the screams down the hallway. In the age of social media, this time around feels different.

Besides there being much more of an instantaneous feedback loop with more folks engaged on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp than ever, this time, Ohio finds themselves on the right side of history. Accordingly, there were plenty of reactions to be had amongst Ohio State athletes, coaches, fans, and more. Let's take a look at some of them:

Is QB Braxton Miller a seer? From an hour before the big announcement:

After the decision came to light, Miller put himself next to some other prominent Ohio sports figures:

Inbound freshman linebacker Kyle Berger:

Devin Smith is one of those fans that despite being an Ohio native, "followed" LeBron to Miami. He claims he's not getting off the bandwagon (let's check back in, say, November or December):

Cleveland native Cardale Jones was just as surprised as we all were:

Safety Tyvis Powell was in awe of the power dynamics (as well all were):

Probable starting running back Ezekiel Elliott with the word du jour:

Ohio State cornerbacks coach/special teams coordinator Kerry Coombs with a trademark Kerry Coombs (TM) tweet:

Recruiting coordinator Mark Pantoni is hyped (even more so than usual):

Aaron Craft's internet famous former roommates even weighed in:

Defensive end (and spring game star) Rashad Frazier thinks LeBron needs to bring back No. 23:

Freshman offensive guard Jamarco Jones, a Bulls fan:

But new freshman QB Stephen Collier pretty much nails it:

Ohio State commit Liam McCullough came prepared:

QB commit Joe Burrow, too, with a Snapchat:

And hey, he's no Buckeye, but he's an honorary/adopted Ohioan. OVO:

Looks like Urban Meyer had quite an eye for talent, even way back when:

Well, I think this makes Giddens Matta's best recruit EVER:

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