These adorable babies love their Buckeyes


Start 'em young, moms and dads.

Penn State is throwing pies at Buckeyes for charity


It looks like Penn State has found a compelling way to raise money for their volleyball team...throw pies at people in Ohio State stuff. Seems like a worthy cause, but maybe a waste of perfectly good pie.

East Lansing airplane pleads for Michigan to keep Brady Hoke


An airplane flying in East Lansing is apparently asking Michigan brass to keep head coach Brady Hoke. I can't possibly imagine any Ohio State fans would agree with such an outlandish sentiment. No chance, right?

Aaron Craft bound for Santa Cruz Warriors of D-League


After being waived by the big club, Aaron Craft will instead report to the team's D-League affiliate, the Santa Cruz Warriors. Another recent Santa Cruz Warriors alum? William Buford.

College GameDay: A tale of 2 quarterbacks


Of course, Barrett hasn't seen an atmosphere quite like Beaver Stadium's yet. Should be a great litmus test for the promising young quarterback.

Aaron Craft waived by Golden State


Despite his epic singing performing, Craft wasn't able to hang out to a roster spot with the Warriors. Craft appeared in four preseason games and averaged 3.0 points, 2.5 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 1.00 steal in 14.7 minutes per game. Hopefully he's able to bring his stifling defense somewhere else and continue his basketball career.

Draymond Green made Aaron Craft sing Party in the USA dressed as a bear


Aaron Craft gettin' down to Party In The USA at #Warriors Open Practice...dressed as a bear 

A video posted by Golden State Warriors (@warriors) on

Still salty over Ohio State-Michigan State 2012 or simple rookie hazing? You be the judge.

ESPN shares the greatest Vine of all time


There aren't enough "Go Bucks" on the Internet to do that six second video justice.

No, Urban Meyer probably didn't leak alternate uniforms to ESPN


Twitter is abuzz right now over the possibility that Urban Meyer accidentally leaked a new uniform on ESPN.

What we know is that Nike sends multiple uniform prototypes to its biggest clients all the time, often leading to nothing. In order for a new uniform to be approved, it also has to get vetted by distinguished alumni, and this proposed design is quite a change.

Of course anything's possible. Ohio State's worn alternate uniforms against Michigan four of the last five years and this year's game is at home. But given the school's reluctance to wear black in the past, it's most likely much ado about nothing ... At least for now. (H/T: @JeffSvoboda)

ESPN: Ohio State has the best chance to win out amongst one-loss teams


According to ESPN's Football Power Index, the Buckeyes (along with TCU) have slightly more than a one-in-four chance to finish the rest of their season unscathed.


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