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Ohio State, Texas agree to 2022/2023 home-and-home

The Buckeyes and Longhorns will meet again with the Buckeyes heading to DKR in 2022 and the Longhorns to the 'Shoe in 2023.

Erich Schlegel - Getty Images

While Texas may have garnered a slight 2-to-1 edge in games between the Longhorns and the Ohio State Buckeyes last decade, in the next one, Ohio State will have every opportunity to even the score.

As announced by the two schools Wednesday afternoon, the Ohio State Buckeyes will be headed back to Austin to play the Longhorns (very conceivably underneath the stars) in 2022. The ensuing year, the Longhorns will make their return to the Horseshoe with the Buckeyes at long last having a chance for some revenge from the 2005 25-22 home loss.

This sort of aggressive scheduling continues to echo Gene Smith's comments a week prior when he stated that he'd be moving towards an aggressive BCS only scheduling strategy for football. It's impossible to speculate what either teams will look like then and history would suggest neither team's current coaches will have anything to do with it. The exciting part is that you have a reason to start planning a return trip to Austin next decade for another potentially huge game.