Will Jared Sullinger start for the Celtics?

This article discusses the possibility that Ohio State product Jared Sullinger could start over Brandon Bass for the Boston Celtics as early as this season. Kevin Garnett, Rajon Rondo and coach Doc Rivers all heaped rare praise on the rookie, particularly his basketball IQ, which was groomed in Columbus, Ohio, by his father and brothers. Here's a taste of the article, which you can read in full on Sports Radio WEEI's Green Street blog here:

“My dad’s going around Columbus, Ohio, when I was a young little kid, saying, ‘Yeah, he’s going to be the best. He’s going to be the best,’” said Sullinger, whose father Satch has coached in and around their hometown for 30 years. “So, I had no choice but to play basketball.”

Sullinger’s father constantly taught him the game — in practice, on the driveway or while watching TV — stressing footwork, fundamentals and fortitude. As this great New York Times piece noted, Jared started making regulation free throws at age 3. And if Satch was the general, older brothers J.J. (Ohio State Class of 2006) and Julian (Kent State Class of 2009) were his drill instructors, instilling the game into the 6-foot-9, 260-pound baby of the family.

“I learned the game at an early age,” said the C’s first-round pick, selected No. 21 overall. “When I was young, they used to beat it into my head — not my father, but my brothers — so you know how that goes.”

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