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GameThread: #8 Ohio State Buckeyes v. Indiana Hoosiers

Game 7 (and Ohio State's second straight prime time game) is upon us.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Urban Meyer's Ohio State Buckeyes are 60 minutes of balanced offensive football and a return to form defensively from being 7-0. Standing between them and their goals are the Indiana Hoosiers. In an effort to spread the wealth, the Big Ten Network has Indiana playing hosts in prime time. But given Ohio State's history traveling west to Bloomington, I suspect they and Buckeye faithful alike are perfectly fine with such an arrangement.

While last week's Nebraska game was thought by some to be a statement game, consecutive performances of that nature are the sort of thing that gives a team a reputation.

Below is your Ohio State-Indiana GameThread. As per usual we have one rule and one rule alone: pay it forward. If you don't think Jim Tressel would think you were treating your fellow man/woman with dignity, you probably aren't. Come an Ohio State 3-4 score victory or the unspeakable, we'll be here to persevere through with you.