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6 GIFs from Ohio State-Indiana that should restore your faith in 2012

Yeah the defense didn't exactly close, but things could be worse. Much worse.

Pat Lovell-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

While we're all busy still taking up our pitchforks and openly wondering aloud how Urban Meyer's direction to Luke Fickell and Everett Withers is going to work, there's still plenty of good from Saturday's 52-49 Ohio State win over Indiana. And it all started with a Corey Brown touchdown that looked like some vintage Urban Meyer action:


Moar, plz.

Of course the Ohio State special teams were equal parts frustrating and riveting Saturday evening. Despite giving up a punt block which almost immediately led to a touchdown, the Buckeyes (behind by Travis Howard and Bradley Roby) got some reciprocal mojo of their own:


And then there's the Braxton Miller-to-Devin Smith connection. Like novocaine, you just have to give it time...:


And speaking of Miller. Ohio State's sophomore quarterback is really something. For all Ohio State's defensive woes, he's still very much in the mix to go to the downtown athletic club in early December and potentially win some fancy hardware:


But Braxton isn't at his best without a running mate. And for a night, that was the always venerable "El Guapo", Carlos Hyde. Watch Hyde go all beast mode and nearly motor his way into the endzone:


And one more time for good measure, here's Miller-to-Smith again. It's almost like these two have down this before or something:


Repeat after me: 7-0. You can't have the sweet without the sour and while there was definitely some sour (especially late), there was a good deal of sweet Saturday night as well.