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Braxton Miller being discharged from Ohio State Medical Center

Despite a scare that had many Ohio State fans fearing the worse, an Ohio State spokesperson just revealed that Braxton Miller is presently being discharged from Ohio State Medical Center. A previous spokesperson said that Miller had undergone tests related to head, neck, and shoulder injuries and had also been evaluated for a potential concussion. Miller passed all the tests with spades and per FOX's Eddie George, underwent both a CAT scan and MRI, which ostensibly both came up negative.

Miller may still have some discomfort and soreness in the days that follow, but as he's medically cleared, should he feel like himself by later in the week, it isn't completely outside of the realm of possibilities that Miller suits up for the Buckeyes next weekend against Penn State. If Miller is unable to go, junior backup Kenny Guiton has shown that he's more than capable when the situation necessitates it.