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Ohio State spokesman: Braxton Miller has officially left the hospital

After a whirlwind day that saw the Ohio State Buckeyes rally from down 8 with minutes to go, win in overtime, and their star quarterback go down with a terrifying looking potential head/neck injury, an Ohio State spokesman confirms the best news the Buckeyes could've hoped to hear.

Per the university spokesperson, Braxton Miller has officially left the hospital. After leaving Ohio Stadium on a gurney and being transported by ambulance to the Ohio State Medical Center, Miller underwent a string of tests (reportedly including a CT scan and MRI) but stunningly checked out. Following a comprehensive evaluation, Miller is now left to rest comfortably. His status for next week's game against Penn State remains very much in the air.

While Miller nurses his injury from the comfortable confines of his home, this is likely the last update we'll hear on the matter until either tomorrow or Urban Meyer's Monday morning press conference.