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"Kenny Guiton is getting laid tonight" says Twitter

Oh, Internet.

To the victors go the spoils.
To the victors go the spoils.

Step in to a nearly impossible situation and lead your team to a shocking come from behind overtime victory. What's the first thing the Internet has to say for your herculean efforts? They think you're going to get lucky.

Doing a random Twitter search for just "Kenny Guiton" shortly following Ohio State's riveting 29-22 OT victory over Purdue Saturday afternoon was likely to leave you with the recurring visual that the Buckeyes backup junior quarterback was in for the sort of evening that would make Wilt Chamberlin high five you. Even as "Kenny Guiton" was trending worldwide, clicking on the results would likely yield some derivative of one of the following.

Let's follow the timeline from hypothetical-hero to big man on campus status:

One popular meme butchering parody account even proclaimed "Was supposed to get laid tonight. Girlfriend is now in a relationship with Kenny Guiton."


It may be mindless, it may even be rather misogynistic. None the less, I'm guessing Kenny Guiton's never going to have to buy a drink in Columbus ever again...after he graduates, of course.