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Slow start, fast finish leaves Ohio State static in LGHL BlogPoll Top 25 ballot

Ohio State had an incredible come from behind victory, but the lack of offensive and defensive consistency has them staying put in our BlogPoll ballot this week.

The Buckeyes stand still at #8 this week in our BlogPoll Top 25 ballot.
The Buckeyes stand still at #8 this week in our BlogPoll Top 25 ballot.

A quick run through our (in)decision making process:

  • Boy do we wish we had the gall like our main man Doug Lesmerises to put Florida ahead of Alabama. Resume ballots make this a no brainer. I imagine even a number of objective formulas do the same. Alabama's been "more impressive" but Florida's played a way harder schedule and beaten much better overall quality opponents. It's also worth noting that Florida's win over South Carolina was impressive as any Alabama's had all season. Alas, until Bama is exploited in the kind of games teams that haven't lost in a long time like they have seemingly inevitably always are (or look like total crap while Florida), we'll keep defaulting to them.
  • Florida jumps Oregon for the same reasons outlined above.
  • ND lol. If they beat Oklahoma they can play their way into the big boys discussion.
  • UGA is punished for barely beating a terrible Kentucky team.
  • Boise goes up super arbitrarily even though we still don't particularly like them. YOLO...or something.