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Introducing SB Nation's new Illinois blog, The Champaign Room

CBS Sports' Tom Fornelli mans the ship on what should be a giant in the Big Ten blogosphere.


The University of Illinois is once again represented on SB Nation. Despite Ron Zook's best efforts, today we welcome an Illinois answer to what we did back in late April. Introducing The Champaign Room. Former AOL Fanhouse turned wizard Tom Fornelli helms what should be an excellent offering. And no matter how hard they try, we're pretty confident the staff and contributors at Black Shoe Diaries are going to stay pat.

Naturally a new Illini representative descends upon us with just weeks to go to basketball season. The Fighting Illini basketball team will be breaking in new blood in their own right with former Ohio State assistant John Groce leading a rebirth after the stagnation of the program under Bruce Weber. Groce has designs on hitting Chicago with the force of a thousand gods. Let's hope the future Evan Turner's of the world don't all don orange and blue.

But hey, the Illini still have a game against what very conceivably could be a still unbeaten (/KNOCKS ON EVERY PIECE OF WOOD IN BIG TEN COUNTRY) Ohio State football team. In spite of their transitive loss to Oregon by 100, the Illini, not unlike Purdue, always seem to be one of those teams capable of playing spoiler to the Buckeyes.

With that said, welcome to Tom & co. on this new endeavor. Bold flavors for all.