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Class of 2013/2014 forward Andrew Wiggins interested in Ohio State?

A transcendent basketball prospect could be a basketball Buckeye if for but a year.

Sam Forencich/Getty Images

The best high school basketball player in the class of 2014 - who could potentially reclassify to the class of 2013 and play as soon as next fall - per a report could have a developing mutual relationship with the Ohio State Buckeyes:

The Columbus Dispatch's Bob Baptist relayed the report.

While information wasn't immediately available concerning the specifics of the report, it had been thought that Wiggins was strongly interested in Kentucky with Duke, Florida State, and Syracuse other potential schools of interest.

The 6'7 versatile small forward has drawn comparisons ranging from Kevin Durant to Scottie Pippen and by most estimates is going to be the best player in whichever class he winds up graduating from. It's also pretty much a foregone conclusion whomever lands Wiggins will only be getting him for one season before he moves on to the next level, but what a season that could be.

Check out this impressive compilation of just what Andrew Wiggins could bring to the table for the Bucks: