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Should "Miller Time" happen at Penn State?

Braxton Miller’s injury versus Purdue on October 20th brought more than a hush to the Ohio State fans in attendance. Television viewers, such as myself, immediately thought of the possibility that Braxton Miller’s season was over.


When news began to be reported that Braxton Miller was being taken to the hospital, those fears began to grow that perhaps this injury was even more serious than initially believed. Speaking for myself, as I viewed the replay of the tackle that caused Braxton Miller's injury, I began to wonder if Braxton Miller had sustained an injury to his neck.

Thankfully, those fears were unfounded. By Saturday evening, Coach Urban Meyer and the rest of the Ohio State fan base were provided information that all tests had been performed on Braxton Miller, and that Miller was going to be released from the hospital.

On October 22nd, Coach Meyer and Ohio State released its depth chart for the upcoming game at Penn State on October 27th. Braxton Miller was listed as the starter at quarterback.

With all of the natural euphoria associated with backup quarterback Kenny Guiton's comeback overtime victory over Purdue, as well as the good news of Braxton Miller's condition, Ohio State fans are all breathing a collective sigh of relief. The star of the offense is still good to go, while Ohio State fans now believe that the backup quarterback position is in very capable hands with Kenny Guiton.

The question I have is - should Ohio State start Braxton Miller against Penn State?

Before everyone erupts at me in outrage, please hear me out. Yes, I believe Braxton Miller gives Ohio State its best chance of a win against Penn State. Yes, I will acknowledge that Braxton Miller's mobility at the quarterback position gives Ohio State's offense an added dimension, a dimension that is not as much of a threat if Kenny Guiton is running the offense.

All very worthwhile points. My question is, even with Braxton Miller testing out as okay from the hospital...Is Braxton Miller truly going to be at 100% versus Penn State?

My rationale on this point is very simple. Watch that play again. More importantly - think back to how Braxton Miller appeared after that tackle.

Braxton Miller was out cold. For several minutes.

Yes, I want to win at Penn State. Yes, I believe Braxton Miller gives Ohio State its best chance for a win with him starting at quarterback.

But...I also believe in erring on the side of caution, especially with injuries to the head and neck, which Braxton Miller sustained. And perhaps the coaching staff could use this entire week preparing Kenny Guiton to start, versus waiting until mid-week to make that determination.

What do I believe will happen? I believe the coaching staff will see how Braxton Miller is performing in practice, before the decision is made to switch to Kenny Guiton.

Will the coaching staff and Coach Meyer make the switch, if they believe Braxton Miller is still suffering any effects from the Purdue game? Yes, as the coaching staff truly is concerned about the long-term health of Braxton Miller.

Kenny Guiton showed the Ohio State coaching staff and its fans what he could do when asked to come into the game completely cold. It may be better to see what he could do with a full week of practice as the starter, allowing Braxton Miller even more time to heal for the all-important month of November's Big Ten battles.