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Radio host fired for death wish of Desmond Howard

Scott Torgerson is no longer employed by 97.1 The Fan after his offensive tweet.


Radio host Scott Torgerson is no longer employed by 97.1 The Fan in Columbus Ohio, the company announced on its Twitter account today.

Torgerson, the co-host of "The Common Man & The Torg" show was initially suspended on October 17 after he tweeted that he wished ESPN Gameday's Desmond Howard would "get fired or die" so he could watch Gameday again.

Torgerson's Twitter account has since been closed.

The Fan in Columbus is the flagship station for Ohio State athletics and Torgerson's tweet was condemned by former Ohio State player and ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit who called the tweet "disgusting and very sad" and said it "crossed a line."

Torgerson issued a public apology through Tim May of the Columbus Post-Dispatch and said that he had reached out to the Howard family to apologize personally, while hoping that friends and listeners would consider his body of work on the air in the last six years and not just his momentary "lapse of judgment."