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Urban Meyer: "No reason Braxton Miller would be limited at Penn State"

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer spoke to the media Wednesday evening and said Braxton Miller would be at full availability for Saturday evening's Leaders division implication having matchup of Ohio State and Penn State

Greg Bartram-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Speaking to the media, Urban Meyer addressed how Braxton Miller's first two days of practice had gone following a frightening injury which culminated in Miller being taken to Ohio State Medical Center:

While many fans on both side of aisle (as well as point spread enthusiasts in Las Vegas) waited with great interest, it sounds like based on what Ohio State's own coaching staff has seen, there's little reason to think that Miller won't be at full strength. All in all, that's a pretty incredible (if not hard to comprehend) thing given that Miller for all intents and purposes was suffering from whiplash not even 72 hours prior.

Ohio State and Penn State meet in Beaver Stadium at 5:30 PM Saturday evening on ESPN.