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GameThread: #9 Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Penn State Nittany Lions

Can Ohio State make it 9-for-9 against arguably their second biggest rival?

A rivalry renewed.
A rivalry renewed.
Rob Carr

When Penn State first joined the Big Ten almost two decades ago, who'd have imagined the rivalry that would've developed? Well, to be fair, I suppose given two of college football's most historically successful programs that happened to be only about 6 hours apart it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise.

But here we are. Ohio State's had some challenging visits to Happy Valley of recent. The Buckeyes look to... buck (/shows self out) the trend while Penn State and BIll O'Brien look for the Disney narrative victory their early season success in lieu of a year of heartache and obstacles is seemingly destined for.

Ohio State? They're just looking to keep their quest for perfection alive. No big deal. But alas, the resilient Lions may ultimately go down as the toughest defense Ohio State's vaunted offense (not an oxymoron, somehow) sees until Michigan comes to town the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Will Braxton be healthy enough and will the Buckeyes not play down to their opposition for the first time since the Nebraska game?

Below is your Penn State game open thread. The one and only rule: pay it forward. If Woody would've thought you were trolling, you most assuredly are.