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The plays that determined Ohio State-Penn State

You watched Ohio State-Penn State live. Now you can relive it.

Patrick Smith

So that went well. I mean sure, if your'e reading this as a Penn State fan, you're probably not in quite as good of a mood as the Ohio State faithful digesting it. But still, Penn State looked up to the task against a slightly more talented team and certainly have no reason to hang their head after a hard fought game that they never quit in.

Ohio State? Well the Buckeyes are 9-0. Their defense looked competent for stretches, despite being paper thin, and after an extremely sluggish start, the Ohio State offense that's had many Buckeye fans swooning for the better part of the season appears to be alive and well.

So which particular plays helped set the tone for this one?

I said right before this one "Penn State's going to block this." After several near blocks, it just felt like it was a matter of time. They got theirs and for a brief stretch, leading this game, 7-0.


Penn State hopped out to a quick lead. Ohio State sorely needed to answer and to point their offense hadn't done anything to suggest it was remotely capable of doing so. But Braxton Miller, injury a week ago or not, wasn't about to let this one get away from the Buckeyes.


Braxton Miller is a human video game, pretty much period. Sure, Reid Fragel was pretty clearly guilty of a hold, but as I've sometimes felt after seeing a super human kick return get called back because of penalty, the play should stand on the merit of how awesome it was. We're not worthy, Braxton. And the scariest part is how easy he makes it look.


With Penn State creeping back in to having the margin reduced to just two scores, Braxton Miller flashed his throwing prowess and helped work a sorely needed to be reinitiated tight end-turned-wide receiver Jake Stoneburner back into the offensive flow of things. Stoneburner streaked to the house on the longest reception of his four year Ohio State career.