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Win over Penn State sees Ohio State jump to 5th in LGHL BlogPoll Top 25 ballot

The Buckeyes have never been higher on our ballot in 2012. Can they go even Heuerman? /showsselfout

Patrick Smith

BALLOTS! My lord are they cooky. I believe I complained two weeks ago about how that ballot was the toughest I'd filled out all season. Well this one is even harder/dumber.

You'll hear no shortage of FM sports talk #hotsportstakes over the next several weeks over how to sort teams 2-4, so we won't flesh that our too much. I like Oregon a lot but man, ND, has some nice wins now and the Ducks got no favors moving forward by USC and Oregon State both crapping the bed. K-State is in the driver's seat, but knowing college football the way we do, they'll probably lose to that uber trainwrecky Texas team the last weekend of the season or something in a weird reversal of years past when K-State would always derail the Horns.

I finally pulled the trigger and bumped Ohio State over one-loss LSU, by virtue of Georgia having to get the top billing in a transitive thumb war with UF and LSU. For the record, if we're ranking them in a pure power poll capacity, I'd likely have LSU 6th, UF 7th, and UGA 8th but hey, herp derp dey lost to each other herp derp. I'd probably even have LSU over Ohio State as I think it's fairly likely they'd win heads up.

But I digress. I'm not huge on Florida State at all, but there they are in the top 10. And I like Clemson even less but look at them too. And then Louisville. Bless their hearts. Teddy Bridgewater does some nice things and Charlie Strong is going to be the best head coach Arkansas' ever had. But man, talk about a kludgy unbeaten.

Oklahoma has the best two losses in the country and will likely win out. Oregon State is still a paper tiger even at 13, but hey, you only In-N-Out once twice thrice fourice. Whatever

South Carolina's in some trouble with Lattimore facing a brutal uphill recovery and their offense pretty much formulated around him. Stanford is what they are and USC, gosh. Guess they have to go somewhere. We dig Tech (a pair of respectable losses), think Mississippi State is on borrowed time, love the Ags (#BevelUp), and well, just sort of bumped WVU up some spots after consecutive brutal losses because Dana is awesome.

The Pokes are back after blowing TCU out and UCLA is in there for reasons we're still not totally sure. And hey Nebraska, learn the two greatest words in the English language: de-fault.

Louisiana Tech? Only putting up 28 on New Mexico State has left many reasons for pause in our mind. And Kent State! Darrell Hazell love! We're not really sure why they're here but they beat Rutgers and we had Rutgers way too high so why not.

Here's the ballot in its entirety. Tell us why we're dumb in the comments below: