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Ohio State announces 2020-2021 home-and-home with Boston College

The Walrus Bowl will go on as speculated, just later than many might've hoped.

Ohio State heads to the Boston metro area in 2020.
Ohio State heads to the Boston metro area in 2020.

After Vanderbilt backed out in a letter, Ohio State still needs another home gome opponent for 2013. Many had speculated that that might be the Boston College Eagles. While most reports now seems to indicate that San Diego State will fill that final void, that hasn't stopped Gene Smith from laying the ground work for future BCS opposition to both come to Ohio Stadium and provide a major market destination for the Buckeyes.

The Ohio State athletic department announced Wednesday afternoon that Ohio State would be playing a home-and-home series with Boston College. Ohio State will head to Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts, just six miles west of Boston, in 2021, with the ACC's Eagles coming to Ohio Stadium in 2020.

For those keeping score, that's now games with TCU in in 2018/19, Oregon in 2020/2021, and games with Texas in 2022/2023. For all the(deserved) criticism of Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith, he is making one thing very, very clear: he gets what a post-BCS college football landscape looks like and how it will need to be navigated appropriately.