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Nebraska Cornhuskers at Ohio State Buckeyes GameThread

Bo Pelini's return to Ohio Stadium after twenty plus years away is going down in a big way this evening in the Horseshoe.

Bruce Thorson-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Under the lights in a nationally televised game, Urban Meyer's 12th ranked Ohio State Buckeyes play host to the visiting 22nd ranked Nebraska Cornhuskers making their first trip to Lincoln in over a half century.

The Buckeyes seemingly found their mojo last weekend in East Lansing. Their keys to victory will be playing their game, containing the run as they usually have had success doing, and continuing to strike effective balance offensively. Should Braxton Miller go down with an injury again this year, while that would certainly be undesirable, the quality of backup has improved exponentially and might not be the tire fire it was in Lincoln a year prior.

Nebraska on the other hand must continue to play efficient, turnover free football, set their stable of rushing weapons lose, and contain an Ohio State offense that has shown flashes of brilliance during their first five games.

Below is your open thread. Typical rules apply: pay it forward. Whether Buckeye, Cornhusker, lurker, or troll, if you don't add to the conversation, you're probably better off not saying anything at all.

Godspeed to those of you who started pre-gaming before noon. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

Go Bucks.