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Michigan's Roy Roundtree, Devin Gardner are dark sorcerers

Let's not kid ourselves. After the Northwestern TD, we all knew it was only a matter of time. Still.

So much for this being a boring/down college football afternoon. A bye week many wrote off as substandard relative to recent weeks has already proven it's weight in gold. From Florida needing a late blocked punt to escape Louisiana-Lafayette (yes, this is the same Gators team that defeated Louisiana State) to the Northwestern-Michigan game. Oh, and hey there, Texas A&M-Alabama. That Johnny Football sure is something.

But we digress. Northwestern had multiple chances to make things interesting in the Legends division title race amidst a few suspect calls on both sides of the ball, Michigan had one final possession and just needed to get in field goal range to give Brandan Gibbons a shot to force overtime. WIthout Denard Robinson, Michigan (under Al Borges' leadership), have gone abouts laying the groundwork for future iterations of the Wolverine O. Sure it's been more pro style, but it's also been a bit rocky (at least in terms of consistency) without their senior leader. Alas, for one play, Devin Gardner showed why he was the prospect that he was coming out of high school at the quarterback position.

Michigan would ultimately prevail in the extra session, 38-31, keeping their Big Ten Championship Game/BCS aspirations alive and well.