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Jim Tressel tells 10TV's Dom Tiberi he'll be at the Michigan-Ohio State game

As the 2002 team is honored for their 10th year anniversary, a certain Ohio State icon says he'll be there too.

Jim Tressel's departure from Ohio State certainly wasn't without reason but that doesn't necessarily mean it didn't leave the Ohio State fan base crestfallen over the situation. While time tends to heal all wounds, there have still been some questioning whether it would be appropriate for the coach to show up as the 2002 team is honored during the Michigan game. Those likely only constitute a noisy Internet minority, however, as in what will almost assuredly mark the loudest ovation given in Ohio Stadium in all of 2012, Tressel told 10TV's Dom Tiberi that he will, in fact, join his former players in his first trip back to the Shoe since his termination. The Senator didn't mence any words about what will be most important that afternoon:

"What's most important on the 24th of November is Ohio State versus Michigan. That's the spotlight, you know. There'll be 15 seconds of fame or whatever for the 2002 game, but that's irrelevant compared to... That's the game."

As to what Tressel's future holds, he told Tiberi he was open to the prospects of coaching again:

"You know, I'm an awfully young guy, so you never now."

Some Kentucky faithful seem to think the penalties that go along with bringing in a coach of Tressel's caliber would be worth it.