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6 GIFs to determine Johnny Manziel vs. Braxton Miller

¿Quien es Mas Macho?

Miller or Manziel?
Miller or Manziel?

There's little doubting after Johnny Manziel's emphatic performance against (soon to be) formerly consensus #1 ranked overall Alabama that Manziel has be on just about every Heisman shortlist there is. But is he better than Ohio State's Braxton Miller? Which player should prevail if both happen to find themselves in suits and ties at the downtown athletic club in just under four weeks from today?

To answer the question, we bring in some hard evidence. Sure, Manziel's been dynamic enough to merit the nickname "Johnny Football", but then again Miller's own nom de plume has seemingly become XBRAX 360 this year. Though I suppose he may have competition since Manziel had his own CBS commissioned video game homage during the Alabama game.

So which player is more prolific? The Heisman Trophy is a most outstanding player award, and while some voters take it upon themselves to moralize things to an extent and take almost a best player on the best team sort of approach, let's be real: we want Reggie Bush v. Vince Young every single year (though ostensibly, you know, clean).

We start with Johnny Football:

So what about XBRAX 360?