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Despite Alabama stumbles, Ohio State stays 5th in LGHL's BlogPoll Top 25 Ballot

Et tu, Luke-te?

Kirk Irwin

In a crazy pants world where I don't think Alabama wins by 10-14 points over Ohio State, I'd love to give Ohio State a nod for going unbeaten against a middle of the pack schedule strength (have you seen Cal lately?). Alas, Alabama still in my mind may be the best football team I've seen all year, and given how little faith I have in Kansas State, Oregon, and Notre Dame to finish the job, if just two of those three so much as stumble, it's still incredibly conceivable that we see the Tide back in the national title game again (and I wouldn't be surprised if it was as touchdown plus favorites). If you give Alabama a week to prepare for an Air Raid offense with a white Michael Vick from the Texas Hill Country attacking them, they're vulnerable. If you give them five weeks to get ready for the spread option attack Chip Kelly employs? Well, call me crazy, but I think they might have some creative solutions for it.

A few other notes on this week:

  • We absolutely punish Louisville for their bad loss. I think there's little chance they'd even beat the Oregon State and UCLA teams after them, but we give them a subtle tip of the cap for their season best win... against Cincinnati.
  • Florida State jumps Florida (though this one is tough; FSU's played better, more consistent football of late but when those two defenses meet, it might be a bit of a coin toss). The Gators needed last second special team heroics to steal a game against Louisiana-Lafayette, which is never a good look for any presumptive top 10 operation.
  • Credit to LSU, who's offense looks reinvigorated after changing their identity on the fly prior to the Alabama game.
  • We've been somewhat downish on Oregon State all season until watching a decent amount of their hard fought loss to Stanford. We actually believe in them more as a two loss operation. Will be interesting to see what kind of fight they can give Oregon.
  • Louisiana Tech struggled with the first year FBS Texas State Bobcats. Let that simmer for a bit.
  • And good ol' Mississippi State. Will they finish the year with a win better than Tennessee? Yikes. If only there was a more viable alternative.

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