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Wisconsin opens as 1 point favorites over Ohio State

Ohio State finds themselves one point dogs against the Wisconsin Badgers.

Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

If the Buckeyes are going to continue their quest to finish the 2012 football season unbeaten, they're going to have to do so as underdogs. The consensus of Vegas odds makers have Ohio State getting one point against the Wisconsin Badgers in Saturday's 3:30 pm EST Big Ten leaders division contest.

It didn't take long for some books to open even more in favor of the Badgers. Wynn, the popular sports book in Vegas, has the Badgers as 2 point favorites. The Vegas Insider consensus has Wisconsin as 2.5 point favorites. As up and down as Ohio State's been during the better part of the year, it's not hard to understand why Wisconsin might ostensibly be ever so slight favorites (particularly following their impressive drubbing of the Indiana Hoosiers).

Of course, as the week goes on, the chances are that there will be plenty of action on both sides. It's pretty likely that we'll see some oddsmakers favoring the Buckeyes and some favoring Wisconsin, but given how relatively even it's going to be on both sides, it's probably reasonable to expect this game to wind up a venerable toss up.