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Ohio State Pro Combat 2012 uniforms helmets to be chrome

The athletic aesthetic obsessive compulsive association otherwise known as Uniwatch Blog had an A+ tidbit in their Monday Morning Uni Watch info dump regarding Ohio State's purported 2012 Nike Pro Combat Rivalry uniforms, which they're widely speculated to be wearing against the Michigan Wolverines during Urban Meyer's The Game debut:

Ryan Robey bumped into Ohio State WR Evan Spencer at an airport and said Spencer hinted that OSU will have new uniforms for the Michigan game on Nov. 24. "He also said chrome helmets might be a reality for the Michigan game but that Ohio State will never wear black jerseys ‘because of the alumni,'" says Ryan.

That certainly fits in line with the way the uniforms appeared in the official Ohio State athletic department team store leak we saw earlier this week. While the black face mask will still probably have to grow on many of us, the idea of an alternate material helmet is certainly intriguing, to say the least.