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Report: Ohio State to wear "Rivalry" (formerly Pro Combat) uniforms vs Michigan

A source close to the Ohio State football program has confirmed that Ohio State will wear Rivalry (formerly known as Pro Combat until this season) uniforms for their biggest rivalry game of the year, the Saturday November 24th clash with the University of Michigan. In spite of past years' grandioseness and the already emergence of Rivalry uniform related merchandise making its way to the public, it sounds as though like Nike is wanting to make the occasion lower key this year...well at least as low key as Nike is capable of operating at:

"The difference between that and the current one-off jersey is that Nike won't be making a big deal about it, previewing it, making websites devoted to it, and having back stories devoted to the reasons why they made each school's jersey," said a source close to the program.

The report goes on to state that because so many teams are wearing so many varieties of alternate uniforms more on the regular now, the Pro Combat series didn't make as much sense to continue en masse as it had in years prior.

Source: The O-Zone