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Hangout in the Holy Land Ep. 1: Ohio State-Wisconsin

In which our own Luke Zimmermann & Matt Brown discuss all things Badgers, the Ohio State men's basketball team's season opening win over Albany, and what caught our eye from last week's college football action.

So we got some emails and tweets over the last 6 months asking us if we were going to do a podcast and we passed the buck (heh, no pun intended). A few other people asked me offline (given my almost two year run hosting/editing/producing a podcast) if I'd be doing another and none the less I'd typically change the subject or deflect it with a shrug. After much internal debate, soul searching, and requests from the peanut gallery, we give you Hangout In The Holy Land.

So what the hell is Hangout in the Holy Land?

It's a podcast about Ohio State sports, college athletics, and whatever else we feel like BS'ing about. The format is fluid and we'll continue evolving as it as we deem fit. You'll also see different talking heads each week, but for the maiden voyage, you're blessed with senior writer Matt Brown and yours truly, Luke Zimmermann.

We plan additional means of consumption for future episodes as well (full spread, really; the works), but for now, with this dry run, you get the pleasure of seeing our lovely faces in all the 1080p YouTube high definition your retinas can handle. Special thanks to SB Nation's superb video team at Vox Studios for their precursory guidance.