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Ohio State-Wisconsin: Statistical head-to-head preview

A statistical look at basically everything you could want to know about Saturday afternoon's Ohio State-Wisconsin football game.

Jared Abbrederis will look to be in full on troll mode again.
Jared Abbrederis will look to be in full on troll mode again.

Ohio State is 10-0 with two tangles with Wisconsin and Michigan respectively standing between them and perfection. The journey of a million miles begins with a single step, and that step is unfortunately shadowed by a shirtless and possibly inebriated Bret Bielema. We've talked about this, Bret. Please stick to the jump suits, at least in public.

The Badgers have had a rough year relative to their recent BCS bowl qualifying glory, but with Montee Ball and a stout defense, can never be overlooked.

In order to break down how these two teams head-to-head, we've done the leg work and compiled a fairly comprehensive collection of the most pertinent stats to help compare things a bit more objectively (we said "a bit"). A few quick observations from what the statistics seem to indicate:

  • The conventional wisdom that this is going to be a clash of a great offense and a great defense seem to be spot on; Ohio State dominates the offensive statistics while the Badgers have a monopoly on the defensive front (though some, specifically those not related to pass defense, aren't too terribly separated).
  • In terms of sacks allowed, the Ohio State offensive line continues to be a wonder. Perhaps some of it have to do with how the offense moves Braxton Miller outside of the pocket? This line definitely doesn't feel as frustrating as even many of the Bollman coached groups did.
  • Ben Buchanan is bested again. This is my not surprised face.
  • In match ups this even historically (e.g. unstoppable force versus immovable object), the tie tends to go to the defense. Let's hope that's not the case in this occurrence.

Osu_icon_medium Wisconsin-badgers_medium
Advantage Conf National Actual Category Actual National Conf
Rank Rank Rank Rank
2nd 8th 256.10 Rushing Offense 218.80 17th 4th
Blocko_medium 7th 101st 189.2 Passing Offense 166.8 112th 11th
2nd 35th 445.3 Total Offense 385.6 78th 7th
1st 11th 39.9 Scoring Offense 29.5 58th 6th
Wisconsin-badgers_medium 2nd 16th 107.9 Rushing Defense 103.4 13th 1st
Wisconsin-badgers_medium 7th 28th 116.35 Pass Efficiency Defense 116.14 27th 6th
Wisconsin-badgers_medium 11th 99th 259.7 Pass Defense 206.2 33rd 7th
Wisconsin-badgers_medium 7th 40th 367.6 Total Defense 309.6 15th 3rd
Wisconsin-badgers_medium 7th 40th 23.9 Scoring Defense 17.2 12th 2nd
2nd 43rd 22 Sacks 20 52nd 6th
Wisconsin-badgers_medium 11th 103rd 48 Tackles for Loss 54 73rd 7th
Wisconsin-badgers_medium 6th 60th 0 Turnover Margin +3 48th 3rd
Wisconsin-badgers_medium 5th 55th 9.05 Punt Returns 10.20 37th 3rd
6th 76th 20.68 Kickoff Returns 19.60 90th 7th
Wisconsin-badgers_medium 8th 104th 39.04 Punting 40.65 75th 5th
Wisconsin-badgers_medium 11th 83rd 22 Sacks Allowed 20 68th 8th
3rd 32nd 45.11% 3rd Down Conversions 34.81% 101st 11th