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6 GIFs that determined Ohio State-Wisconsin

The Buckeyes are 11-0 with but Michigan to go. See how they got there.

Carlos Hyde, GIF factory.
Carlos Hyde, GIF factory.

I'm guessing right about now your heartbeat has just finally returning to a normal resting pulse. Let's do something about that. Ohio State's thrilling 21-14 overtime victory over Wisconsin likely did nothing in the way of making your neighbors think you were a normal, healthy human being, but it did put Ohio State one victory closer to perfection. Naturally that lone remaining obstacle standing between the Buckeyes and 12-0 would be the hated Wolverines.

But before we get to Brady Hoke, Denard Robinson, Devin Gardner, and all things That Team Up North, it's worth rehashing the 60 minutes (plus bonus time!) that got Ohio State a bunch of a divisional championships t-shirts that will rightly be deemed superfluous to fans of other college football teams around the country.

So Montee Ball may have tied some NCAA record because of all the scores he piled up against Indiana, Minnesota, and the have nots that dot Wisconsin's non-conference schedule every single year. What about all the hurt the Buckeyes put on them during Saturday afternoon's game?

We begin with your weekly reminder that Braxton Miller isn't human:


Next, we look at the score that first put the Buckeyes ahead, a lead they'd never relinquish:


Carlos Hyde's gonna Carlos Hyde. They don't call him El Guapo for nothing:


Wisconsin was threatening to tie it late (and yeah, yeah, they ultimately would), but this play sure changed the entire complexion of a drive that sure seemed to be going overwhelmingly in the Badgers' favor:


Then there was this. The Buckeyes (and Hyde) made it look so easy. Again:


Finally, it all came down to one play. Couldn't have picked a better week for you to come back, non-evil Christian Bryant (or is that evil Christian Bryant?):