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Sources: Maryland has decided to move to the Big Ten

Not long after ESPN's Andy Katz reported that a prominent Maryland alumnus told him that the Terrapins would likely choose the Big Ten, Maryland's 247Sports representative,'s Jeff Ermann, reports that the move is indeed happening:

A source with knowledge of the situation tells Maryland has decided to move to the BigTen. Announcement expected at 3.

And if that wasn't enough, ESPN's Brett McMurphy verified Maryland's move not even 20 minutes later:

Maryland's board of regents unanimously approves move to Big Ten, source tells ESPN.

And there you have it.

For better or worse, it appears the University of Maryland is planning to initiate the process to depart from the ACC and move to the Big Ten. Whether a lengthy legal challenge is in store (or just a large, financial one), it'll be interesting to see when and how the next dominoes fall. At 3 PM we should have more clarity on the situation as a whole.