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Could Georgia Tech leap frog Rutgers to be the next to join the Big Ten?

Would the Big Ten opt for the Atlanta market and a foot print in the south in lieu of New York City?

Could Georgia Tech skip Rutgers in the process?
Could Georgia Tech skip Rutgers in the process?
Joshua S. Kelly-US PRESSWIRE

While the focus for much of the last 48 hours has been on the notion that should Maryland jump ship from the ACC and head for the greener pasturers (in this case, literally) of the Big Ten, Rutgers would be the next in line, supposedly to hypothetically deliver the eye balls of the greater New York City Area.'s Jeff Ermann's been pretty much everywhere on the Maryland side of things, but also floated yesterday that the State University of New Jersey might not be Jim Delany and co.'s only perspective dance partner:

Rutgers is getting the most play (along with Maryland) but multiple sources maintain Georgia Tech is also vying for a Big 10 spot.

Whether this is a case of wishful thinking on the part of Georgia Tech power brokers, a desperate attempt to get out of a conference who's allying with Notre Dame is looking less stabilizing by the moment, or an actual tangible alternative to Rutgers, the question becomes, does it really make financial sense for the Big Ten to potentially underwrite in upwards of $100 million dollars for the likes of Maryland and Georgia Tech? Perhaps if the league must make it an even 14, Rutgers is looking more attractive by the moment.