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Ohio State officially announces "Rivalry" (formerly Pro Combat) uniforms

We knew that the uniforms we've seen mock ups of and t-shirts depicting for the better part of the last week and change were coming. Now we have official confirmation. Per Buckeye Sport Bulletin's Jeff Svoboda, the Ohio State athletic department issued a release Monday which confirmed the existence of the uniforms as well as confirmed specifics about what they would entail:

OSU notes say this weekend's jerseys will be scarlet and large gray numbers, black stripes on the sleeves, plus a wider helmet stripe.

Still no word on whether the helmet stripes would be black (as the pictures would seem to suggest), or grey, as folks who've seen t-shirt up close have been reported seeing. The latter would certainly be less jarring to the system of traditionalists, though to be fair, the very notion of alternate uniforms for a matchup of The Game's standing are probably a bit difficulty for them (and others) to process.

The uniforms will be revealed at a Beat Blue pep rally this evening at the Ohio Union.