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Michigan-Ohio State depth chart: Etienne Sabino back

Few changes were in store for the Michigan week's depth chart, but after a solid afternoon against Wisconsin, Etienne Sabino returned to his rightful place as the starter at Sam linebacker.

Etienne Sabino, pictured left, is officially listed as a starter at linebacker again.
Etienne Sabino, pictured left, is officially listed as a starter at linebacker again.
Gregory Shamus

Now possessed with an eleven game sample size, we can draw a pretty well founded, thorough conclusion: Urban Meyer's depth charts don't mean a whole heck of a lot. None the less, as is customary on Monday's, the team released its depth chart for Michigan week.

The only change from last week to this one (which more than anything reflects the health of the team as a whole), is the return of Etienne Sabino to the starting Sam linebacker spot. Sabino of course started Saturday against Wisconsin and put in an admirable effort after missing four weeks with a broken leg. He'd been absent from last week's depth chart, but Meyer announced at his weekly press conference an hour and a half after its release that Sabino would be available and that he expected him to start against the Badgers.

Perhaps most interestingly, Bri'onte Dunn is listed as one of the starting kick off returners, though he was unavailable for the Wisconsin game due to an injury of his own. Meyer should provide details within the hour as to his status for The Game.

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Wide Receiver (H) 11 Jake Stoneburner | 80 Chris Fields
Wide Receiver (Z) 10 Corey Brown | 16 Evan Spencer
Tight End (Y) 86 Jeff Heuerman OR 81 Nick Vannett

Right Tackle 77 Reid Fragel | 68 Taylor Decker
Right Guard 79 Marcus Hall | 57 Chase Farris
Center 71 Corey Linsley | 50 Jacoby Boren
Left Guard 78 Andrew Norwell | 73 Antonio Underwood

Left Tackle 74 Jack Mewhort | 76 Daryl Baldwin
Wide Receiver (X) 15 Devin Smith | 83 Michael Thomas

Quarterback 5 Braxton Miller | 13 Kenny Guiton
Tailback 34 Carlos Hyde | 2 Rod Smith

Place Kicker 24 Drew Basil | 39 Kyle Clinton

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Leo 54 John Simon | 88 Steve Miller OR 8 Noah Spence
Tackle (Nose) 53 Garrett Goebel | 51 Joel Hale

Tackle 52 Johnathan Hankins | 92 Adolphus Washington OR 90 Tommy Schutt
Strong End 43 Nathan Williams | 63 Michael Bennett | 50 J.T. Moore
Sam LB 6 Etienne Sabino | 37 Joshua Perry

Mike LB 32 Storm Klein OR 44 Zach Boren | 14 Curtis Grant
Will LB 10 Ryan Shazier | 36 Connor Crowell | 5 Camren Williams
Right CB 7 Travis Howard | 9 Adam Griffin

Free Safety 4 C.J. Barnett |
3 Corey Brown
Strong Safety 2 Christian Bryant | 19 Orhian Johnson

Left CB 25 Bradley Roby | 12 Doran Grant
Punter 17 Ben Buchanan | 24 Drew Basil

Position No. Player | No. Player | No. Player
Holder 13 Kenny Guiton | 17 Ben Buchanan

Snapper 41 Bryce Haynes OR 56 George Makridis

Punt Returner 10 Corey Brown | 15 Devin Smith | 80 Chris Fields
Kick Returner 2 Rod Smith | 25 Bri'onte Dunn | 15 Devin Smith