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Big Ten divisional realignment dream dead: Maryland, Rutgers to Leaders, Illinois to Legends

So much for the basic concept of East/West.

Rutgers will join Ohio State in the Leaders division along with Maryland.
Rutgers will join Ohio State in the Leaders division along with Maryland.
Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

The Big Ten isn't quitting on their arbitrary, silly, and frankly pretentious divisional realignment and divisional names. ESPN's Brett McMurphy reports that Maryland's president told University of Maryland System Regents Monday that Maryland would join the Leaders Division along with Rutgers making the division Ohio State, Penn State, WIsconsin, Purdue, Indiana, and the two new programs. To facilitate the move, Illinois will slide over to the Legends division.

Even simply just splitting the league down the middle and having Purdue go West and Indiana East would've been preferable, but instad we get more constant reminders about what Jim Delany thinks about basically all Big Ten sports fans, writers, and alums.

On the plus, those Ohio State alums living in the megapolis will have the option of potentially seeing the Buckeyes play in Piscataway and/or State College either every other year or twice every two years. While modern travel makes getting to Columbus hardly the chore it would've been even two or thirty years ago, it's not a bad fallback for the thousands of Ohio State alums in those areas to be able to see their team more often and a bit closer to home.